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The 411 Levitra portal features detailed information about Levitra, side effects, comparisons to viagra, product reviews and more.

What is Levitra?
Levitra is also known as Vardenafil HCl and is a prescription pill that is very similar to Viagra. As does Viagra, it helps men with erectile dysfunction (impotence). It is important to note that Levitra is not a cure for erectile dysfunction, and users will still need to take it each time they want to have sex.

Levitra was heralded as the long-awaited competitor to the immensely popular Viagra, and in September 2002 Levitra was officially named and 'christened' with officially U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its use for for the treatment of erectile dysfunction coming almost exactly a year later, in August 2003.

Co-developed and co-promoted by Bayer AG and GlaxoSmithKline plc, Levitra (pronounced Luh-VEE-trah) is the first new erectile dysfunction treatment choice to hit the market in five years.

Bayer and GlaxoSmithKline evaluated Levitra in an extensive clinical trial program that included more than 50 trials involving almost six thousand men. Results from phase III clinical studies showed the following about Levitra:

  • It helped men to gain and keep an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance
  • It provided good first time success and reliable improvement of erection quality for numerous men
  • It worked in men of various ages and race and in those with co-existing medical conditions (e.g. diabetes), and in men who have had their prostate removed
  • It evoked a rapid response in men, basically allowing a man to initiate or respond to sexual stimulation at the necessary time
  • It can be taken without regard to meals, thus making it convenient for use

Additionally earlyTwo early studies suggest it's longer lasting, has fewer side effects, and is safe for virtually everyone, including those with heart problems. Similar drugs (see AIDS information as well) approved in this class of medication carry warnings for men with heart disease.

Note, if you're trying to identify Levitra and other prescription medications, utilize the prescription pictures site which features pictures of popular medications.

The 411 on Canadian mail-order and online pharmacies
For residents of the United States, buying your prescription medications online via a Canadian online pharmacy or mail order pharmacy is probably one of the best financial investments that you will ever make. It's quite possible for you to save anywhere between 20% and 80%, and this of course depends on the specific prescription drug that you are looking to purchase. So why are prices so much cheaper across the border? In Canada, the Government maintains strict control over the prices of prescription drugs, and limits the prices that companies in the pharmaceutical industry can charge. This allows for affordable access for the entire population, and now also for a lot of Americans who fill their prescriptions cross-border, saving hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars per month.

Finally, the key to making your online or mail-order fulfilment of a prescription a successful one, is to ensure that you purchase from registered and licensed online pharmacies. There are a lot of web sites offering Levitra and other prescription drugs online, so do your investigating to ensure that you don't get entangled with illegal operators.